All spiders belong to the class arachnida, have eight legs and two body sections: the cephalothorax and abdomen. The cephalothorax is a combination of head and thorax found in insects. Palps (sensory organs) and fangs are at the front of the body. Spiders are usually associated with webs, but not all spiders, such as the huntsman create webs. There many different species some are venomous and therefore may be harmful to human beings such as the redback and others although they look menacing such as the huntsman cause no harm. Huntsman are actually very good predators of small insects.

SPIDER CONTROL: The most effective treatments for spider control are by using insecticides, sprays and powders. If spiders come in contact with insecticidal powder it can be effective for up to six months. Thorough inspection is required before any treatment is carried out. Chemical treatment is carried out to: all exterior downpipes, window frames, gutters and all exterior walls. Rubbish bins and roof void are also treated. Improving housekeeping and sanitation levels in and around the site will help prevent infestation.

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