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Rodents pose a serious human health issue in your commercial premises or business. A rodent infestation can cause serious health issues and negative impact to your business. Rodent control is vital in ensuring food safety and the health and safety of your employees and customers. Aussie Pest Commercial can tailor the most effective plan to provide rat and mouse management available. Rodents entering your commercial premises or business at any time can cause significant losses of food due to, food spoiling and damaged packaging by contamination and physical damage to wiring and gnawing of plastics. Aussie Pest Commercial’s technicians are fully licenced professional and experienced in pest control, using only safe and effective methods when carrying out professional rodent control treatment.

Site Set Up

TAMPER PROOF AND SECURE BAIT STATIONS: Bait stations are locked and can only be opened by the Pest Technician. They are securely chained to the wall.

CLEARLY LABELLED: Each bait station is clearly labelled with Bait Station Number and a warning that rodenticide (POISON) is inside. Above each bait station on the wall there is a fixed sign with the duplicate number.

NON TOXIC SOLUTIONS FOR FOOD PROCESSING AREAS: Products such as Detex can be used in the vicinity of food processing in accordance with HACCP requirements.

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